What is my take-home pay?

Whether you're negotiating a pay rise in your current job, scouting around for a new job or simply want to know how much money the tax man takes from your salary, our free take-home pay calculator tells you everything you need to know.

What is my salary after tax?

If you've ever looked at your payslip, you've probably wondered what on earth it all means. Acronyms, abbreviations and all-manner of deductions can leave your head spinning as to where all that money is going.

How much tax will I pay?

Our take-home pay calculator not only tells you how much money you'll get each week, month and year, but also where all those deductions go.

You'll see exactly how much tax you're paying in each band (lower, upper and additional), along with your total taxable pay and how much your pension contributions help keep your tax bill as low as possible.

What if I'm not PAYE?

If you're not a permanent employee (for example a freelancer or contractor), you tax liabilities will be very different. Instead of paying tax at source (in other words, the tax is taken before your employer pays you), you'll need to declare your income via Self Assessment.

If you're thinking of going self-employed, our free day rate calculator will help you work out what day rate to need charge.

Please note: This calculator is still in beta. While every effort has been made to verify the figures it produces, it should only be treated as a guide to what you can expect to take home. We recommend you contact an accountant for accurate tax information. This calculator is based on 2021/22 tax allowances for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Employed income only.